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Dark History

A long time ago in a galaxy far away a computer system was developed. Ever since people have had to support computers and computing. It was not until I started consolodating this list that the vast changes in computing over the years [both hardware and software] started to become apparent. A lot of computing experience was gained with these software packages however a large proportion of the software no longer exists. This freed up vast tracts of my brain to abosorb even more information about newer software!

You will see from the various hardware and software packages listed here that there is quite a large spread of experience in the computing area eventually leading to IT management as outlined elsewhere. I have tried to put the most recent and relevent things up the front but you will find some of the listings quite interesting.


In summary, I started out some 20 years ago trying to connect around 10-20 Mac Classic computers together on a small network. The problems and solutions today have not changed much in that time, only the hardware and software.... oh... and the internet! I now do much the same thing but with around 250 computers on a large network. And Yes, I still ask people to switch off their computer and switch it back on again!




Summary of Key Responsibilities held over last 10 years .

  • Planning information systems & services to staff of a large faculty, including design & development of  a Multi Media Research Computer Laboratory. 
  • Identifying common acquisition requirements within budget divisions, preparing a strategy plan for a total computing resource. Providing computing advice for research projects, coordinating equipment purchases, setting up databases, assisting with statistical analysis and publications.
  • Providing authoritative technical guidance and instruction to staff in database management and computer publishing systems.
  • Managing/Supervising IT help desk.
  • Managing IT support team.
  • Managing a large IT budget and preparing submissions as requested
  • Local Area Network Manager and local IT expert, Supervision of local computing networks, management and security of hard disks, networks and software, including maintenance and back-up of designated operating systems.
  • Preparation of written submissions regarding specific computer systems. Initiating required approvals where needed and raising purchase orders for equipment items from the appropriate budget.
  • Provide significant input into the policy formulation and execution of programs which may be associated with one or more departments.
  • Responsible for independent decisions regarding resources deployment across both administrative and staffing areas.

Staff Development and Training

Have been involved in the development of performance cycles for various members of staff, including preparation of documentation and have a comprehensive background in negotiation and counselling skills.  Have been actively involved in the assessing of numerous appeals within the Higher Education Workers (HEW) agreement appeals provisions. Trained in HEW level assessment procedures.

I have served on a number of selection committees for various positions ranging from minor administrative appointments to high level faculty appointments.  Also participated in Performance Management training.

Occupational Health and Safety/Compliance

  • Trained in the following areas,  First aid, Building evacuations, Fire extinguishers.
  • OHP safety representative on various committees, * Building Evacuation officer
  • COMPLIANCE issues: Legal – Workplace harassment,  Bullying,
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Management level training in performance cycle.
  • OHS - Full course [certified – Chisholm Institute of Technology].
  • OHS - Legal Compliance

Current Computing Experience

Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, Powerpoint]. Microsoft Exchange Server, Entourage and Outlook.

Filemaker, Filemaker Server, on both Mac and WIN platforms.

Quark Express, Pagemaker, In-Design, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Adobe CS-Suite, Final Cut Pro,

Encore, Sibelius, Audacity, Pro Tools [LE and Pro versions].

Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Management [File services, Web services, Mail Services etc.]

Windows XP [SP3] and Win XP server, Windows7 and Windows7 server.

Optical fibre communication and interface systems including remote database applications such as Filemaker server.

Network Design and Management of complex computer systems from wall socket to core router and beyond.

Experienced with current hardware and software for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems on large networks.

Experienced with cylic computing management over three and four year periods. [Purchase, Installation and Disposal].

Experienced in network security and compliance with Anti Virus issues on networked computers. Have done a number of computer security audits which in some cases have found secuity flaws in some networks.

Provided consulting advice in regards to network security and issues related to data security, backups etc.

Academic - University of Melbourne

Correlation of  Survey Results, including database setup and data analysis.

Preparation of Academic results database & spreadsheets  for individual lecturers.

Preparation of Sessional Staff accounting & address database with mailing list. Keeps track of over 200 sessional staff used by the music departments instrumental tuition program, including accounting information (payments), name and address detail and label printing.

MIDI music system programming (including design & construction of MIDI computer interfaces for MAC & IBM). Evaluation & installation of music software. Accompanying presentations utilising songs recorded with MIDI data.

Lecturing & Instruction in the use of music & database software programs.

Design & construction of interface equipment for IBM, AMIGA & MAC'S.

Installation & testing of computer software.

Directly involved with management support and developing short courses in computer operations.


Computer Manager, Plan B Marketing 1985-87, Communication Director, Plan B Marketing, 1987-88.

Involved writing of specific software programs for use by the above company. This included interface programs for Dbase & Lotus for the collection & checking of raw survey data, transferring to Lotus for crosstab analysis. In house programs written in Dbase for the following applications:-

Asset Register, Staffing Database, Survey data collection, Invoicing (including aged creditors), Client list (and others). Databases were also developed for telemarketing purposes.

Responsible for staff training in Lotus123, Dbase 3+, Wordstar, MS Windows, MS Paint.
Sub contracted to carry out all computer maintenance on a regular basis for above company, including system backups and minor service work on equipment. Also asked to make recommendations to management regarding computer resources and budgeting for proposed expansion. In control of budgets exceeding $100,000.

Employed as Computer Manager, Phone Direct P/L, 1989/91. This work is similar to that done for Plan B Marketing.

Contracted by HALES COLLEGE to write course notes for Dbase 4. This involves three modules at introductory, Intermediate & advanced level. Also employed as sessional lecturer in Dbase 4.

Software Development

I have designed & written the following programs (for which I hold all proprietary rights). They have been developed over a number of years in consultation with many users.

ADRES [Dbase 3+ Versions 1.0,1.1,2.0; Dbase 4 versions 2.0, 2.1]

Complete address database with on line link to a postcode database. Provides comprehensive manipulation of address data by postcode division, range of postcodes, state, special tags. Interfaces with all common word processing 'mail' utilities. Initially designed as a telemarketing aid, but expanded to handle different types of address formats. Comprehensive mailing label utility. Conforms to published standards as issued by the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

DATAMENU [Dbase3+ Versions 1.0. 1.1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1; Dbase 4.1 versions 2.5, 3.0]

Operator interface program for Dbase 3 & 4. Provides a common menu interface for a number of differing database applications. Speeds up office efficiency and reduces time required to become familiar with new applications as working structure remains constant to the operator. This enables a dbase programmer to 'do his thing' while providing a constant reference for the data entry people.

Both of the above programs come with two types of documentation. One for the data entry operator, and a more advanced version for the systems manager. All databases are in Dbase format and can transfer data to other spreadsheets and word processors. Documentation has been prepared on Ventura Publisher and then laser printed for distribution. Examples available on request.

INVOICE [Versions 1.0, 1.5, 2.0; dBase 4.1 V2.5]

Basic invoice database with aged creditors supplement. Allows creation & printing of invoices, reports of paid/unpaid clients, financial year dating system.

ASSETREG - An Asset Register database
PHONLIST - A telephone number & address database
CLIENTS - A Client list with MEMO facility

Database Building           

Client specified databases supplied from marketing company - annually updated with new information. Software supplied free as part of marketing strategy. Uses telephone interviews to obtain information for client. Updated information is supplied to client at 6 monthly intervals. Some " Database Builds"  include: HARDY (list of national WINEMAKERS prepared for James Hardy) HOSPITAL ( National list of people in hospitals who have purchasing power).

All above programs have been fully user tested on site.

Free-lance Jobs

  • Music Tools P/L
    Wrote client database to run under DATAMENU program. Re structured database to provide on line client information and information screens. Ability to select multiple client sort keys.
  • Executive Leasing P/L
    Installed computer, operating system and address database. Program connects most frequently used programs to one user menu which is executed on boot up.
  • Hales College
    Modified existing student administration database. Created user entry screens and extended database structure to client specifications.
  • V\Line (Melbourne)
    Client database and telemarketing software developed for promotion  of new "Fastrak" package. This includes data "capture" sheet, database design and construction, Output forms and driver software.
  • State Rail Authority (Sydney)
    Client database similar to V\Line with modifications for NSW.
  • Regent of Melbourne
    Client Database and telemarketing software for internal and external promotions.
  • Regent of Sydney
    As per Regent of Melbourne with modifications for NSW.
  • Kindergarten Parents Victoria
    Member list and label printing software.

Contracted to make recommendations on computer installations for a number of businesses.

Late 1970's to around 1990

IBM - PC (XT, AT286/386/486/Pentium, Network)

MACINTOSH - 512, SE/SE30, MAC11si,ci,fx, QUADRA, Power PC (Including video interfacing, APPLETALK and ETHERNET communications, file server administration, optical fibre communications) MULTIGATE Ethernet to Appletalk communications.

AMIGA - 500/1000/2000/3000/4000 series (Video interface, Video titling, Computer graphics)

APPLE 11, 11+, 11e, BBC, MICRO BEE, ATARI (Mega 4) - used primarily in music applications.

Familiar with the following software to advanced level:-

Lotus 123 rel 1.1, 2.0,2.1,2.2. Dbase 3 & 4.0, 4.1 (Developers edition), dBase for windows. Wordstar(3.0,4.0), MS Windows 286/386 & V. 3.0, 3.1, Windows Multimedia Extensions, WORD for Windows 1.0,1.1,2.0,  EXCEL for Windows/Mac 2.0, 3.0,4.0. Clipper Compiler 5.1.

Telnet, Kermit, Fetch, Windows Terminal, Crosstalk XVI, Pacer Link, FTP. ARNS.

VAX - 11, VMS.  (Including DEC-net, PC /MAC interfacing, Remote access.)

Personal Composer, Crosstalk, Robo - CAD, Microsoft WINWORD 1.0, 1.1, 2.0. Microsoft Works, Excel, McPaint, McDraw, McWrite, Super paint, Professional Composer, Studio Session, Audio Master, TV Text, Deluxe Paint, Microsoft Powerpoint (Mac & IBM). Various MAC and IBM utility programs.

CP/M 56, 60, 86, PC/MS DOS 3.1, 3.2, 4.01, 5.0, 6.2 Basica, GWbasic, Visual Basic.

Professional Page 2.0, Ventura Publisher 2.0, Harvard Graphics. Pagemaker (4.1/5.1a Mac & IBM),

Legacy Local Area Networks.

Windows 95,98,2000 [Pre XP]

MacOS 6.2; 7.1; 8.5; 9.2 [Pre OS X]

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