Tim Robinson


Production & Direction Credits for the following:

The Case of a Man Who Died a lot
1/2" J Standard, B&W, 10mins

Concert Week 1977
3/4" Umatic, B&W, 120mins (Live - 2 camera)

Felix Werders Medea
3/4" Umatic, 86mins (Live - 3 camera)

McDonalds Farm (clip)
3/4" Umatic, B&W, 18mins, (Live - 3 Camera)

The Secrets (clip)
3/4" Umatic, B&W, 14mins, (live - 4 camera)

MSC Big Band (Live - 3 Camera)
3/4" Umatic, Color, 13mins

Legend of the Lock Albert Monster
3/4" Umatic, Color, 14mins

The Making of Rubbery Figures
3/4" Umatic, Color, 17mins.

* Rubbery Figures now available as DVD - Click here for details

Body Acoustics
3/4" Umatic, Color, 45mins

Er Hu & Yang Quinn Musicians from China
3/4" Umatic, Color, 20mins (Stereo)

Private Eyewash
1/2" VHS, Color, 7mins.

DV 4:3 format, 60mins
Doco on celebration of VCA 21st birthday.

* Also available as DVD

Paul Dainty workshops:
DV 4:3 format, 60mins
Video of dramatic pieces developed and performed under a grant from the Paul Dainty Foundation. Video is of the final performances of the results from two days of workshopping around various themes.

Save VCA:
DV 4:3 format, 10mins
Details one of the many marches on Parliament House by VCA students protesting the funding cutbacks to the VCA and demanding that additional funding be made available to support its viability.

Judo Promotional DVD
DV 4:3 format, 5mins, Released on DVD.

Geoff Swann Interview

DV 4:3 format, 55mins, Released on DVD

This interview covers the time Geoff Swann spent invarious rolls st Lord Somers Camp.

From a grouper in 1933 to his later experiences with the oransisation into the 1990's, Geoff was one of many who dedicated much of his spare time to various positions at the camp at Somers and in the office at Albert Park Lake.

DV 4:3 format, 55mins, Released on DVD.

Lindsay Orr Documentary/Interview
In Progress

Origins of Lord Somers Camp
In Progress

Scout Jamboree, Arrowe Park, 1929
In Progress

Further information regarding film and video activity is available on request.


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