Tim Robinson



Production & Directing Credits:

Gold Fever
16mm, B&W, Silent, 400', 10mins.

16mm, B&W, Sound,  300', 8 mins.

Day tripper
16mm, Color, Sound, 350', 9mins

Dylan LLama Dip
16mm, B&W, Sound, 80', 2mins

Man In Society
16mm, B&W, Sound, 300', 8mins

Boot & Flower (Animation)
16mm, Color, Magnetic, 30sec

There's Still Hope
16mm, B&W, Double System, 7mins

Kevin Dennis (Animation)
16mm, B&W, 30sec

16mm, B&W, 5mins.

Plastic Man
16mm, Color, 300', 8mins

Draw - Back
16mm, B&W, 4mins
Direction: Michael Vernon
Lighting Camera: Tim Robinson
Cast: Michael Carmen, [Female actor Unknown]

16mm B&W, 5mins, [Accompanied by live piano].
Lighting Camera: Tim Robinson
Actors: Robert Kewley, Brendan Wright.

16mm, B&W and Colour, 8mins.

Up the Garden Path with the Lowland Brothers
16mm B&W
Direction: Nigel Buesst
Actors: Michael Carman, Michael Krape, Others?

On Eyre
16mm, Color, Optical, 25mins. DVD version created 2010.

Lord Somers Camp Archive
16mm, Colour/B&W, Silent, 45mins (work in progress)

There are a number of other credits in the field of Lighting Camera which are not listed here. Since selling my 16mm camera I have now purchased a HD Video camera. Videos are listed here.


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