Tim Robinson

Stage Craft - Experience - Theatrical

Productions as Technical Director, Swinburne Art Revue

1970 - Swallow a Camel
1971 - Halcyon, Expressions on White
1972 - Revue Chroame
1973 - Twas a Dark and Stormy Night (Incl. Direction Credit)

Productions for Powerhouse Players - Lighting Design & Sound

1979 - Pygmalion
1980 - A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Man Who Came to Dinner
1981 - Macbeth, Sir Albert Park Invites You (Revue)
1982 - Dons Party, The Locket (Melodrama/Music Hall), End game & The Real Inspector Hound
1983 - Marsupials [Black Comedy]
1984 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1985 - Equus
1989 - Death of a Salesman

Received Powerhouse Players Service Award.

Productions for The Open Stage - Technical Director.

* Under the Aeffluence
Student written, Live band and Lp record produce].

* Alice Aldersons Amazing War relief Concert party
Live band, Play and music written by staff and students.

* To Education

* 1977-84 Concert Week(every year in October for a total of 8 productions)

* 1985-1990 Engineered numerous concerts for MCAE Music Department.

Have undertaken lecturing duties in Lighting, Lighting design, Sound & theatre operations.

Continued in a number of technical roles in various stage productions while at the Victorian College of the Arts 1996-2007


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